Silicone Rubber Manufacturing
Flexible and Reliable Compression and Injection Molding Processes

About Us

Our company have now been molding rubber gaskets, rubber seals, keypads and rubber molding items in the US since 1976. During this period, our company have assisted several clients using improvement, the style and produce of the item.

Our company developed into providing the instrumentation areas with keypads and began company by producing silicon keypads for phone and TV remote settings.

Merchandise variety continues to be extended to function the Forex market and today we provide different additional “general” plastic moldings, zebra fittings, grommets and device addresses, although the instrumentation marketplace continues to be our bulk customer-base nowadays.

With this US-based total molding and technicians, treating, publishing and completing procedures we're ready to provide our clients a superior quality detail item using the versatility that originates from an area provider.

Our company also provide a 50 year relationship with many businesses in China. This permits us to provide high-volume item with stockholding, Our company managing offer and examination from our service at inexpensive prices. With executive expertise and this production we're ready when particular tasks need produce in China to provide our clients assurance.

Our company provides versatility that the British broker can't; we provide connection with produce, aggressive cost, British offer, US-based technicians along with a top quality support.

Our company proceeds to update amenities and gear in the united kingdom to provide items in large technical requirements, expert films and various supplies.

Products and the services will also be growing that people may provide from our China companions with full confidence as well as ongoing to make sure that our reaction and support levels remain large.